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Calibration curves are used to understand the instrumental response to an analyte and predict the concentration in an unknown sample. A well-established and interpreted calibration curve is essential for any analytical methodology.

CCweights is a web-based tool (also an R package), which provides automated and efficient data analysis workflow to evaluate and select the best weighting factor for linear calibration curve and quantify targeted analytes accordingly.

CCWeights can be applied for any analytical assays, in which linear calibration curves are used for quantification. For instance, Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy- and liquid/gas chromatography mass spectrometry-based quantitative studies.


  1. stable version
  1. development version

Note: you need to install R package bs4Dash version <= 0.50 in order to run CCWeights shiny app locally. Please refer to section Known Issues for more details.


Below is an overview of CCWeights workflow:

Figure 1. Schematic workflow of CCWeights

Data Preparation:

Figure 2. Data format requirement

Known Issues

Due to substantial breaking changes in the API of R package bs4Dash, CCWeights, built with bs4Dash (version <= 0.5.0), is not compatible with v2.0.0. Therefore, users need to install the old version in order to run the shiny App of CCWeights locally.

There are two simple ways to install the old version of bs4Dash:

1. Using devtools to install the older package version

install_version("bs4Dash", version = "0.5.0", repos = "http://cran.us.r-project.org")

2. Installing an older package from source

You can download the old version (e.g., v0.5.0) here, and install it manually.


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