CohortExplorer 0.1.0

New functionality that adds a ‘Feature Cohort’ domain based on instantiated cohorts Removed dependency on SqlRender. Thank you @schuemie Removed dependency on clock.

CohortExplorer 0.0.17

First CRAN release

CohortExplorer 0.0.16

Changes based on CRAN reviewer feedback.

CohortExplorer 0.0.15

Destination CRAN

CohortExplorer 0.0.14

Reduces the need to move data into R

CohortExplorer 0.0.13

Support temp cohort table Updates tests

CohortExplorer 0.0.12

Minor bug fixes

CohortExplorer 0.0.11

Minor bug fixes

CohortExplorer 0.0.10

Minor bug fixes

CohortExplorer 0.0.9


CohortExplorer 0.0.8


CohortExplorer 0.0.7

Ability to use the observation period as the cohort table

CohortExplorer 0.0.6

Remove rouge browser()

CohortExplorer 0.0.5

Add vignette. Minor optimization to how shiny app is created.

CohortExplorer 0.0.4

Bug fix to shiny.

CohortExplorer 0.0.3

Resolving minor issues in github checks. Indentation.

CohortExplorer 0.0.2

Make HADES conformant.

CohortExplorer 0.0.1

This is a unreleased package.