EBCHS: An Empirical Bayes Method for Chi-Squared Data

We provide the main R functions to compute the posterior interval for the noncentrality parameter of the chi-squared distribution. The skewness estimate of the posterior distribution is also available to improve the coverage rate of posterior intervals. Details can be found in Du and Hu (2020) <doi:10.1080/01621459.2020.1777137>.

Version: 0.1.0
Imports: stats, pracma, splines, fda
Suggests: testthat
Published: 2021-06-01
DOI: 10.32614/CRAN.package.EBCHS
Author: Lilun Du [aut, cre], Inchi Hu [aut]
Maintainer: Lilun Du <dulilun at ust.hk>
License: MIT + file LICENSE
URL: https://github.com/dulilun/EBCHS
NeedsCompilation: no
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