Changes in version 0.9.18 (2022-01-17)

This package version requires R >= 4.0.5

Breaking changes

Changes in RLum.Data.Image and removal of import 'raster'

The S4 class RLum.Data.Image was heavily revised to strip 'Luminescence' of the dependency to the package 'raster' and replace the functionality with base R functions and objects. The 'raster' package came in at an early stage of 'Luminescence' to handle image data. However, most of its massive feature set was never used, but 'raster' caused a lot of trouble to many users and in our automated tests because of its own dependencies. Soon, 'raster' will be retired and replaced by an even more powerful package called 'terra'. This was our cue to make some serious changes instead of carrying forward this unfortunate implementation in 'Luminescence'.

Removal of app_RLum()

This function was essentially a wrapper around RLumShiny::app_RLum() written to promote 'RLumShiny'; a package providing a graphical user interface to 'Luminescence'. 'Luminescence' is essential for 'RLumShiny'. However, this two-way dependency caused unwanted trouble once the package 'raster' was removed. By removing app_RLum() 'Luminescence' comes lighter because it has fewer dependencies this unfortunate reverse dependency can be avoided. RLumShiny::app_RLum() will still work as before, but it cannot be called anymore out of 'Luminescence'. In summary, except for one function less, not much has changed since both packages need to be installed to run the shiny applications.

Bugfixes and changes