# molecular & coding

Different classes of coding under various types of molecular type. The options in orange are default values:

molecular coding
'STR' 'integer'
'SNP' '4let'
'amino' '3let'
'codon' 'triplet'

Different values of arguments

The options and their possible values of moimport function. The values in orange are default values. Admissible values for option coding for different values of option molecular are marked with different symbols.

argument values description
multsheets 'FALSE' single worksheet dataset
'TRUE' multiple worksheet dataset
nummtd 0 no metadata column
n number of metadata columns
keepmtd 'FALSE' ignores metadata during exporting
TRUE keeps and checks metadata
transposed 'FALSE' samples in rows, markers in columns
TRUE markers in rows, samples in columns
molecular 'STR'\(^*\) short tandem repeats
'SNP'\(^+\) single nucleotide polymorphisms
'amino'\(^\S\) amino acids
'codon'\(^{++}\) three DNA bases
coding 'integer'\(^*\) STR data where entries are integer values
'nearest'\(^*\) STR data where real values are converted to the nearest integer
'ceil'\(^*\) STR data where ceiling function is applied to real values
'floor'\(^*\) STR data in floor function is applied to real values
'4let'\(^+\) SNP data in four-letter code i.e. ‘A’, ‘C’, ‘G’, ‘T’
'iupac'\(^+\) SNP data in IUPAC notation
'3let\(^\S\) amino acids with 3-letter designations
'1let'\(^\S\) amino acids with 1-letter designations
'full'\(^\S\) amino acids with their full names
'triplet'\(^{++}\) codons where the four-letter codes are used for encoding
'compact'\(^{++}\) codons where IUPAC coding is used for encoding