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Bouhaddani e, Said, Uh, Won H, Jongbloed, Geurt, Hayward, Caroline, Klari'c, Lucija, Kielbasa, M. S, Houwing-Duistermaat, Jeanine (2018). “Integrating omics datasets with the OmicsPLS package.” BMC Bioinformatics, 19(1). ISSN 1471-2105, doi:10.1186/s12859-018-2371-3,

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    journal = {BMC Bioinformatics},
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    volume = {19},
    number = {1},
    abstract = {With the exponential growth in available biomedical
      data, there is a need for data integration methods that can
      extract information about relationships between the data sets.
      However, these data sets might have very different
      characteristics. For interpretable results, data-specific
      variation needs to be quantified. For this task, Two-way
      Orthogonal Partial Least Squares (O2PLS) has been proposed. To
      facilitate application and development of the methodology, free
      and open-source software is required. However, this is not the
      case with O2PLS. We introduce OmicsPLS, an open-source
      implementation of the O2PLS method in R. It can handle both low-
      and high-dimensional datasets efficiently. Generic methods for
      inspecting and visualizing results are implemented. Both a
      standard and faster alternative cross-validation methods are
      available to determine the number of components. A simulation
      study shows good performance of OmicsPLS compared to
      alternatives, in terms of accuracy and CPU runtime. We
      demonstrate OmicsPLS by integrating genetic and glycomic data. We
      propose the OmicsPLS R package: a free and open-source
      implementation of O2PLS for statistical data integration.
      OmicsPLS is available at and can be installed
      in R via install.packages(“OmicsPLS”).},
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