Packages in the TidyConsultant universe

Loading TidyConsultant installs and attaches all of these packages at once.

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Why TidyConsultant?

The TidyConsultant packages are designed in mind for consultants who frequently work with heterogenous small-medium sized tabular data sets and interact with the messy world of MS office. This package builds on prior art from the tidyverse and officeverse and intends to provide useful functions for data scientists of any industry.

Marie Kondo, reknowned tidier

Marie Kondo, reknowned tidier

Installation and Loading

Loading TidyConsultant automatically installs and attaches the packages in the the TC universe.

You can install and load the released version of TidyConsultant along with tidyverse using the following code

if (!require("pacman")) install.packages("pacman"); library(pacman)

p_load(tidyverse, TidyConsultant)

This is a great template to start your R script. Put any additional packages you may need inside the p_load command.