devtools 2.4.5

devtools 2.4.4

devtools 2.4.3

devtools 2.4.2

devtools 2.4.1

devtools 2.4.0

Breaking changes and deprecated functions


Minor improvements and fixes

devtools 2.3.2

devtools 2.3.1

devtools 2.3.0

devtools 2.2.2

devtools 2.2.1

devtools 2.2.0

New Features

Minor improvements and fixes

devtools 2.1.0

New Features

Deprecated functions now removed

Minor improvements and fixes

devtools 2.0.2

devtools 2.0.1

This is a minor release mainly fixing bugs which snuck through in the devtools 2.0.0 release.

devtools 2.0.0

Devtools 2.0.0 is a major release that contains work from the past year and a half, since the major devtools release (1.13.0).

This release splits the functionality in devtools into a number of smaller packages which are simpler to develop and also easier for other packages to depend on. In particular the following packages have been spun off in what we are calling the ‘conscious uncoupling’ of devtools.

devtools will remain the main package developers will interact with when writing R packages; it will just rely on these other packages internally for most of the functionality.

Breaking changes

There have been a number of breaking changes in this release, while this will cause some short term pain for users it will result in a easier to understand API in the future, so we feel the tradeoff is worthwhile.

Deprecated functions

Major changes

Minor improvements and fixes

devtools 1.13.5

devtools 1.13.4

devtools 1.13.3

devtools 1.13.2

devtools 1.13.1

devtools 1.13.0

New Features

Revdep check improvements

Bug fixes and minor improvements

devtools 1.12.0

New features

Bug fixes and minor improvements

devtools 1.11.1

devtools 1.11.0

Infrastructure helpers

Checks and release()

Revdep checks

revdep_check() has been overhauled. All revdep_ functions now work like other devtools functions, taking a path to the package as the first argument.

revdep_check() now saves its results to disk as check/check.rds, and the other revdep() functions read from that cache. This also allows you to resume a partial run with revdep_check_resume(). This should be a big time saver if something goes unexpected wrong in the middle of the checks. You can blow away the cache and start afresh with revdep_check_reset().

revdep_check_save_summary() now creates to save one level of clicking in github. It also creates a that contains only results for only packages that had warnings or errors. Each problem is limited to at most 25 lines of output - this avoids lengthy output for failing examples. revdep_check_print_problems() prints a bulleted list of problems, suitable for inclusion in your

Summary results are reported as they come in, every then messages you’ll get a message giving elapsed and estimated remaining time.

An experimental revdep_email() emails individual maintainers with their R CMD check summary results (#1014). See testthat and dplyr for example usage.

There were a handful of smaller fixes:

Other improvements

devtools 1.10.0

New features

Package installation

Bug fixes and minor improvements

devtools 1.9.1

devtools 1.8.0


Package installation and info

Git and github

Bug fixes and minor improvements

devtools 1.7.0

Improve reverse dependency checking

Devtools now supports a new and improved style of revdep checking with use_revdep(). This creates a new directory called revdep which contains a check.R template. Run this template to check all reverse dependencies, and save summarised results to check/ You can then check this file into git, making it much easier to track how reverse dependency results change between versions. The documentation for revdep_check() is much improved, and should be more useful (#635)

I recommend that you specify a library to use when checking with options("devtools.revdep.libpath"). (This should be a directory that already exists). This should be difference from your default library to keep the revdep environment isolated from your development environment.

I’ve also tweaked the output of revdep_maintainers() so it’s easier to copy and paste into an email (#634). This makes life a little easier pre-release.

New helpers

Minor improvements

Bug fixes

devtools 1.6.1

devtools 1.6

Tool templates and create()

The release process

Package installation

Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Removed functionality

devtools 1.5

Four new functions make it easier to add useful infrastructure to packages:

Two dependencies were incremented:

Minor improvements

Bug fixes

devtools 1.4.1

devtools 1.4

Installation improvements

Other minor improvements

devtools 1.3

Changes to best practices

New features

Minor improvements and bug fixes

devtools 1.2

Better installation

Clean sessions

New features

Minor improvements

devtools 1.1

devtools 1.0

Improvements to package loading


Minor features

Bug fixes

devtools 0.8.0

New features

Package paths


Bug fixes


devtools 0.7.1

devtools 0.7



Other new features

Bug fixes

devtools 0.6

New features


Better windows behaviour

Bug fixes

devtools 0.5.1

devtools 0.5

New functions

Improvements and bug fixes

devtools 0.4

New functions

Improvements and bug fixes

devtools 0.3

devtools 0.2

devtools 0.1