Tutorial / vignette for the oenb R package


The oenb R packages provides tools to access statistical data via the web service of the Austrian central bank (Oesterreichische Nationalbank, OeNB).



Development version



Table of contents

A table of available data sets can be obtained with the function oenb_toc. Its output contains the ID of the data set with a short description.

Dataset overview

Each data set contains a series of indicators. The function oenb_dataset can be used to obtain a table of available series for a given data set. Its output contains the position code of a series and a short description.

Attributes of a series

Many series are available in different forms. The function oenb_attributes obtains a table of available query specifications of a given series.

Furthermore, series are available in different frequencies. The function oenb_frequency can be used to obtain the available frequencies of a given series and the periods, for which data are available.

Data download

Series of a data set can be downloaded with the oenb_data function.


Metadata on a specific series can be obtained with the function oenb_metadata.