Form: Inclusivity & Diversity Add-on for preregistration forms (v0.1)

This vignette shows the Inclusivity & Diversity Add-on for preregistration forms (v0.1). It can be initialized as follows:

initialized_inclDivAddon_v0_1 <-

After this, content can be specified with preregr::prereg_specify() or preregr::prereg_justify. To check the next field(s) for which content still has to be specified, use preregr::prereg_next_item().

The form’s metadata is:

field content
title Inclusivity & Diversity Add-on for preregistration forms
author Thomas Gültzow, Efrat Neter, Hanne Zimmermann
date 2023-02-08
comments n/a
version 0.1

The form is defined as follows (use preregr::form_show() to show the form in the console, instead):


Inclusivity & Diversity Add-on for preregistration forms



This form is meant as a generic add-on that can be added to any preregistration form to ensure that researchers are mindful about issues related to inclusivity and diversity. With inclusivity we refer to the “the fact or policy of not excluding members or participants on the grounds of gender, race, class, sexuality, disability, etc” (“Inclusivity,” n.d.). By diversity we refer to the inclusion of people from different backgrounds, as well as other individual characteristics, such as sexual orientation (Servaes et al., 2022).

Inclusivity. (n.d.). In Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged (12th ed.). Retrieved March 5, 2023, from

Servaes, S., Choudhury, P., & Parikh, A. K. (2022). What is diversity? Pediatric Radiology, 52(9), 1708–1710.

Sections and items

Section: Main form

Describe the working title of your study that has also been described in the main form.
Provide the link to the main form.

Section: Research team

Research team composition
Explain the composition of the research team in terms of different characteristics (such as geography, sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity) and how those relate to the research itself. This information should only be shared if it is safe to do so. If you endanger yourself or others by sharing this information, please do not share this information.

Section: Study information

Explain if and how your data allows for disaggregation between different social groups and make this explicit in all hypotheses.

Section: Data collection

Data collection method
Explain how you will take into account the diversity of your target group in terms of data collection methods. For example, you could describe the different data collection methods you use to reach as diverse a target audience as possible.

Section: Sample

Describe the (target) population of your study and why this specific population was chosen, taking into account inclusivity and diversity.
Sample composition
Explain how you will take the diversity of your target group into account in relation to recruitment, retention, data analysis, and interpretation.

Section: Variable

Measured variables
Explain how you decided which personal characteristics are measured in the study and how those are relevant for your study taking inclusivity and diversity into account.

Section: Analysis Plan

Explain whether and how (if applicable) your data will be disaggregated for all relevant groups separately (e.g., certain sexual minorities) also keeping intersectionality in mind (e.g., certain sexual minorities of color) and how potential undersized groups (from a statistical point of view) will be handled in the data analysis phase. If this is not possible, explain why.

Section: Data sharing

Recoded data information
If a dataset associated with the study is publicly shared, and in it variables from multiple groups have been recoded based on personal characteristics (e.g., all sexual minorities who participated rather than each sexual minority group separately), explain if and how (if applicable) you ensure that other researchers can work with the more detailed data while respecting the privacy of the participants. If this is not possible, explain why.

Section: Other

Other (optional)
Any other information in regards to inclusivity and diversity that you want to share in regards to your study.