reReg 1.4.1

* printCoefmat now all has the argument `has.Pvalue = TRUE`
* Improved print methods for summary.reReg
* Improved matrix algebra in calculation
* Replace exceeded cat() and print() with message() and warning()
* Export reReg.control

reReg 1.4.0

* `simGSC()` now allows users to specifies design matrix and censoring distribution.
* Some name changes (mostly arguments) to match with the JSS submission.
* Change names "SC" to "GSC"; this includes the `model` argument and `simSC()` to `simGSC()`.
* Added a basebind() function to combine baseline rate/hazard plots.
* Temporary disabled sandwich variance estimators for further investigation.
* Import `mcf()` from reda.
* Event plot can now plot in calendar times.
* Updated examples and online vignettes.

reReg 1.3.1

* simSC() now returns times in t.start and t.stop.
* Added origin in simSC()
* Updated examples
* Import summary.Recur from reda

reReg 1.3.0

* Re-organized `reReg()`; it now provides general model assumptions.
* Improved speed via RCpp

reReg 1.2.0

* Fixed memory errors (checked with valgrind 3.15)

reReg 1.2.0

* Adopt `Recur()` from package `reda`
* Added a draft for regression vignettes
* Changed function name `simDat` to `simSC`
* Fixed bug with only 1 covariate

reReg 1.1.6

* Added sandwish variance estimations to most implementations
* Added vignettes on simulation and plots

reReg 1.1.5

* Cleaned reSurv and am.GL codes
* updated event plot, baseline function plots
* added CMF plot

reReg 1.1.4

* Rebuild with oxygen

reReg 1.1.3

* Removed plotEvent function and add its features to plot.reSurv
* Updated reSurv so it split out tibble df

reReg 1.1.2

* Fixed bugs reported in CRAN regarding r-devel

reReg 1.1.0

* Major make over
* Cleaned codes
* New data structure required for `reSurv`: Time, id, event, status

reReg 1.0.0

* Version updated to published version.