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The goal of rjwsacruncher is to launch quickly and easily the JWSACruncher of JDemetra+. The JWSACruncher is a console tool that allows to update a JDemetra+ workspace and to export the results without having to open JDemetra+. More details on the JWSACruncher can be found on https://github.com/jdemetra/jwsacruncher/wiki.


# Install release version from CRAN

# Install development version from GitHub
# install.packages("devtools")

The JWSACruncher is not included in the package. It can be downloaded from GitHub (https://github.com/jdemetra/jwsacruncher/releases) or with the function download_cruncher():

# Directory where to save the JWSACruncher:
directory <- tempdir()

Since the version 2.2.0, the JWSACruncher needs Java 8 or higher to run. If you cannot install it (for example for security reasons) you can install a portable version of ‘Java’ (that does not require administrator rights) and configure the JWSACruncher to use this portable version with the function configure_jwsacruncher().


The JWSACruncher can be easily runned with the function cruncher_and_param(). To use it, the path to the “Bin” folder of the JWSACruncher has to be defined. For example, if the JWSACruncher is under D:/jdemetra-cli-2.2.3/:

options(cruncher_bin_directory = "D:/jdemetra-cli-2.2.3/bin/")

The export items can be changed with the function “default_matrix_item” and “default_tsmatrix_series”:

# To get the default values:
#> [1] "period"       "span.start"   "span.end"     "span.n"       "span.missing"
#> [6] "espan.start"
#> [1] "y"    "t"    "sa"   "s"    "i"    "ycal"
# To only export the seasonally adjusted series and its forecasts:
options(default_tsmatrix_series = c("sa", "sa_f"))

The run the JWSACruncher on the workspace D:/workspace.xml with the refresh policy “lastoutliers”:

cruncher_and_param(workspace = "D:/workspace.xml",
                   policy = "lastoutliers")