Generate a Pdf Invoice with ‘Rmarkdown’

In this repository the app in the inst folder is a submodule
Module Repository:

Install package


Install from github

                         ref = "main"

How to run app in temp folder (default)

After installing the package, run the function shinyInvoice::runInvoice()

How to run in a local folder

# go to your desired working folder in R

# Having the package installed,
# copy the app to the working folder:
file.copy(system.file("shinyApps", "invoice_app", package = "shinyInvoice"), getwd(), recursive = TRUE)

# Read the main file
main <- readLines("invoice_app/app/main.R")

# Change string to use the local mode
main <- sub("local_safe_computer_mode <- FALSE", "local_safe_computer_mode <- TRUE", main)
writeLines(main, "invoice_app/app/main.R")

This way when you save changes or do any download action your files will be (also) in the local folder: