The goal of stickr is to make it easier for you to include any R package hex stickers in your work.


You can install the released version of stickr from GitHub with:



This is a basic example which shows you how to find and download a sticker:


# Get the tidyverse sticker, downloads to temp file if no destfile specified

# Get a sticker that's not in the RStudio repository

# But that's the old sticker, get the new one by name
stickr_get("textmineR", filename = "textmineR_v8.png")

A common use case would be to include in an R Markdown document, that would be done using stickr_insert("tidyverse"). If trying to insert inline, consider using dpi argument.

Package Maintainers

Want to make sure users can get your sticker with stickr? Two steps!

  1. Make sure your package’s DESCRIPTION file includes a URL and/or BugReport field field that points to your package’s GitHub repository.
  2. Put your hex sticker in the /man/figures directory inside your package – one named logo.png will be used by default, but other names are ok too.