Sunburst 2.0.0

Kent Russell


sunburstR goes 2.0.0 with some new features and bug fixes motivated by the feedback and discussion in issues 60 and 61. I thought a vignette would be a good way to demonstrate.

Setup and Data

Let’s get started by loading some packages and making some simple data to use throughout the post.

#> [1] '2.1.8'

Simple data should suffice for these examples.

#> Warning: package 'htmltools' was built under R version 4.1.3

dat <- data.frame(
  level1 = rep(c("a", "b"), each=3),
  level2 = paste0(rep(c("a", "b"), each=3), 1:3),
  size = c(10,5,2,3,8,6),
  stringsAsFactors = FALSE

level1 level2 size
a a1 10
a a2 5
a a3 2
b b1 3
b b2 8
b b3 6

d3r will help us build our hierarchy.

tree <- d3_nest(dat, value_cols = "size")
#> {"children":[{"name":"a","children":[{"name":"a1","size":10,"colname":"level2"},{"name":"a2","size":5,"colname":"level2"},{"name":"a3","size":2,"colname":"level2"}],"colname":"level1"},{"name":"b","children":[{"name":"b1","size":3,"colname":"level2"},{"name":"b2","size":8,"colname":"level2"},{"name":"b3","size":6,"colname":"level2"}],"colname":"level1"}],"name":"root"}

legend = FALSE

Often the legend in the sunburst becomes useless with lots of nodes and multiple levels. While a hack could turn it off, I don’t like having to ask users to resort to hacks, so now the argument legend = FALSE will turn it off.

sb1 <- sunburst(tree, width="100%", height=400)
sb2 <- sunburst(
  legend = FALSE,
  width = "100%",
  height = 400

# do side-by-side for comparison
  style="display: flex; align-items:center;",
  div(style="width:50%; border:1px solid #ccc;", sb1),
  div(style="width:50%; border:1px solid #ccc;", sb2)

d2b Sunburst

Kevin Warne has built an incredible sunburst in d2b, so I just had to add it to sunburstR. I think Kevin’s work definitely deserves a star on Github, and with only 32, I encourage a quick detour to share the love.

sb3 <- sund2b(tree, width="100%")

  style="display: flex; align-items:center;",

Sum Nodes

I love treemap, and I enjoy using the results from treemap in a sunburst. However, recent changes resulted in double-counted sums as discussed in this issue. This double counting happens when the tree is pre-summed. I added a sumNodes = FALSE argument to disable the auto-sum.

Bug Fix

This is hard to see, but I discovered that the breadcrumbs were duplicated on each resize. This commit shows the bug fix if anyone is interested.

Ideas and Feedback

Feedback and ideas led to these changes and improvements. Please keep them coming.