Tutorial for urlshorteneR – v4

dmpe @ github


urlshorteneR wraps 2 URL services Bit.ly and is.gd domain as well as v.gd domain. In order to begin shortening URLs and downloading useful statistics about short links, you have to – in the case of https://bit.ly – authenticate using OAuth2.0.

For is.gd and v.gd there is no authentication needed. Just create desired short links, see below.


User/App Information & Authentication for Bit.ly

Return some basic information about my user on Bit.ly. Additionally, is my account a “premium” one?

## In order to use bitly functions, you first need to authenticate.
##                         For that execute 'bitly_auth()' in R console.
if(interactive()) {
  opts_knit$set(root.dir = "~/Documents/Documents2/R-package-urlshortener")
  bitly_token <- readRDS("tests/bitly_local_token.rds")

# You can register a new pair of keys yourself - but you can also use mine - an option which is also by default
# bitly_token <- bitly_auth(key = "be03aead58f23bc1aee6e1d7b7a1d99d62f0ede8", secret = "f9c6a3b18968e991e35f466e90c7d883cc176073")
# bitly_token <- bitly_auth()

  ui <- bitly_user_info(showRequestURL = TRUE)

We can also decide to update my username with a different one.

if (interactive()) {
bitly_update_user(name = "John Malc", showRequestURL = TRUE)

And what about the metadata about our OAUTH application?

if (interactive()) {

Group Information

This retrieves information about a single group that user belongs to and and then about all groups that user are associated with.

if (interactive()) {


Information about Organizations

Official API documentation https://dev.bitly.com/api-reference.

The first method returns an information about myself.

if (interactive()) {

Is.gd & V.gd


isgd_LinksShorten(longUrl = "https://us.cnn.com/", showRequestURL = TRUE)
## The requested URL has been this:  https://is.gd/create.php?format=json&url=https%3A%2F%2Fus.cnn.com%2F&logstats=0
## [1] "https://is.gd/6sM6Yx"


vgd_LinksShorten(longUrl = "https://www.cbs.com/", showRequestURL = TRUE)
## The requested URL has been this:  https://v.gd/create.php?format=json&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cbs.com%2F&logstats=0
## [1] "https://v.gd/loph9G"